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Our Mixtape "SHOWCASE" and Kickstarter

PK here,

While we’re busy building our App to change the entertainment industry, we want to change the local East Lansing music scene, and make a few music projects of our own.

With my knowledge of the music industry and the connections I have, I can bring acts from Detroit, Grand Rapids, Chicago and more to East Lansing. I noticed that MSU only has bars to offer for a nightlife, where as Ann Arbor, Wisconsin, Illinois, or any other Big ten university of this size has full on college tours going through, on top of barstool events, comedy shows, and other events all the time. East Lansing has an opportunity to become a big arts and music university, and I attend to be that person to make it happen.

On top of bringing acts through, I fully intend on using my audio engineer/production skills to make collaborative hip hop albums, going on tours of our own. I can bring the acts that I work with to East Lansing for tours, helping my brand and the scene at the same time.


Our Kickstarter is for helping to pay with the costs of making our album and getting our first acts to East Lansing. Making a music scene from scratch is tough, but it’s very possible, and with your help, we can make it happen.

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