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Apostle, and Our Entertainment Industry App (Name TBA)

I’m excited to announce the formation of Apostle, and our 2nd company, that will change the entire entertainment industry!  I’ll go in further depth on what these two companies do, and our timeline for success.


Apostle: A unique approach to innovation.

I realized that a lot of rich investors wait for ideas to come to them, and within a 5 minute presentation, will decide if that business idea will make them money. Well, I have a different business philosophy. What if, the Investor themselves found problems in various industries, figured out ways you can solve the problems by doing intense research and talking to experts in their fields, and then made companies to fix these problems?

Well, that’s what Apostle is: A unique approach to an investment group that doesn’t actively look for the highest gross profit, but instead aims to solve problems, which because of the innovations, generate profit. Instead of investing in an app that solves a few issues, Apostle instead wants to completely re-think industries, in a more broad and grand form-taking into account sustainability, morality, and ethics.

An example would be: instead of building a 2000 capacity venue in Lansing to try and attract people downtown, think of the big picture as to why a venue like that doesn’t already exist, and why Lansing’s downtown might not attract people currently. Well, the first issue is the lack of a young crowd, since most MSU students don’t go downtown Lansing. Could it be confusing roads, or buses that don’t stay operating late enough? Could it be a safety issue, or are their just better alternatives in other downtowns, like East Lansing, and Old town? Most politicians and investors look at potential profit, without taking into account the entire picture, and over time, it becomes harder for a system or industry to flip and become something great. Improving systems via intense research, interviewing experts, and collecting data, and taking into account all of the systems effects, is the only way to properly innovate.

It takes passion to find these solutions, so the word Apostle, which is defined as one who is passionate about a particular policy, idea, or cause, is the perfect word for a company like this. Finding people who are passionate about what they do, or Apostle’s, is the key to changing the world, because those people already actively think of ways to improve what they do on a daily basis.

Apostle’s first solution is for the entertainment industry: an app that replaces the need for record labels, live nation, and ticketmaster, all in one.

Our Entertainment Industry App (Name TBA)

Record labels currently have a sort of monopoly on all creative talent, since they not only sign the artists, but also have photographers, graphic designers, and the direct connections to managers, live music promoters, Radio/Streaming platforms, and advertising opportunities, including licensing, sponsorships, brand deals, and far more. The only way to change this monopoly would be to offer the same thing, but without signing the shitty contracts. How do we do that? You have to not only provide financing, but also create a system where an artist can not only find work, set up live events, find a team of freelancers to get them on the radio, do album artwork, mixing and mastering, marketing, and stop the high service fees for merchandise and tickets.

That sounds like a lot, because it is. How is that possible? Well, an app that allows an artist to book a show at their local venue, hire a local DJ and photographer for their event, market the event themselves, handle all of the tickets without crazy service fees, and can finance all of this, would be able to completely disrupt the entertainment industry. Now, you’ve leveled the playing field between an artist with 50 fans, and an artist with 50 million, giving everybody the tools they need to succeed from day one.

On top of this, fans can use the app to buy tickets without the fees, and they can even use the app for their own occasional event, whether it’s a wedding, formal, private concert, or any other event. Plus, venues are now happy, because they wouldn’t need a dedicated booking agent, as setting up the logistics of a show can take as little as 5 minutes, and they can now market their own events via the app!

Because our Financing is for events that we already make a small percentage on, we can offer better rates than a record label could. We can effectively replace Live Nation, as we have access to everything they would with better rates, and Ticketmaster couldn’t compete with our low service fees and all in one approach.

I truly feel as if this app will usher in a new era for entertainment as a whole, and I’m excited to make Apostle’s first solution a reality. To market these products, I intend to work with upcoming artists on collaborative albums, make podcasts diving into these issues more, and other social media content. I hope to gain a buzz around my ideas before the app is released, and to attract the right investors to reach the masses.

We plan on a 2023 release for our collaborative mixtape, 2024 for our collaborative album, and fall of 2024 for our app.

-Parker Knepp, Aka PK

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